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We’re making it easier to quit smoking!

Movember & Lung Cancer Awareness month and as we head into Black Friday weekend, we’re lining up a series of special offers to make it easier than ever to Switch to vaping to quit smoking. Cancer sucks and smoking related cancers are the most common in the UK. Switching to vaping to quit smoking is recognised as a highly effective way to stop smoking. Supported by the NHS and Cancer Research UK, the time is right to quit smoking for good.

Public Health England (PHE) conducted a major UK clinical trial, funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), which they published in February 2019.1 The research involved nearly 900 participants and found that in Local Stop Smoking Services, a standard e-cigarette was twice as effective at helping smokers to quit compared with the quitters’ choice of combination Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).1 Both groups were provided with behavioural support and those in the e-cigarette group had significantly faster reductions in cough and phlegm and overall success.

Why is vaping such an effective quit smoking tool?

If quitting smoking was easy everyone would do it. Sadly, it’s incredibly hard to quit smoking. It’s not just a case of simply deciding to quit, the nature of addiction is that the need to smoke is wrapped up in daily rituals that make the cravings associated with withdrawal. The powerful combination of habit and addiction make quitting smoking so difficult.

Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.2 But, most importantly vaping allows a smoker to maintain the rituals of smoking and control how much nicotine they inhale. Nicotine is not harmful when inhaled3 so vaping with Nicotine presents no additional risk to the smoker. Letting go of the rituals of smoking is often cited as a reason for failure when quitting smoking. Vaping allows the smoker to gradually wean off the rituals and, if desired, reduce how much Nicotine they are inhaling.

Switch to Quit Programme

Our Switch to Quit Programme was designed around the NHS Stop Smoking treatment plan, but it goes a step further. Our programme helps with choosing the right beginning vape kit and gives advice on how to vape.

The first 28 days are the hardest and our programme provides online and offline support for smokers who have decided to make the switch to vaping. With behavioural support and downloadable guides that offer strategies to prepare for quitting (preparation is super important when quitting smoking – don’t just jump in, get yourself and your environment ready for your quitting journey).

The Switch to Quit programme includes everything you need to switch and enough materials for the first month, so you don’t have to think about finding supplies. If your first purchase with Ibiza Club is a Switch to Quit bundle you will also receive 20% off everything you purchase for 3 months.

The time to quit is now. Jump on board and we’ll have your back throughout your quitting journey.


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Joanne Emmerson FCIM
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