We’re thrilled to add another great flavour to our menthol e-liquid range; spearmint is fresh, smooth and ready for order!

Our E-liquids are all manufactured in the UK, to the highest standards, using only the finest ingredients. The fresh, clean taste of spearmint is much loved by everyone and we’re so delighted to now have it in our menthol range.

Menthol has been in the news lately, with the recent ban on Menthol Cigarettes many smokers are looking to switch to vaping. Switching to vaping is a great alternative to smoking for lovers of menthol cigarettes, and is also proven to be 95% less harmful to your body than smoking.1 The addition of Spearmint to the menthol mix will come as welcome news for many former menthol cigarette smokers and a great addition for Ibiza Club Members.


Reference 1:

McNeill, A. et al. Evidence review of e- cigarettes and heated tobacco products 2018. A report commissioned by Public Health England (2018).