Smoking Leads to Cancer, it’s Time to Switch to Vaping to Quit Smoking.

Smoking leads to cancer; it’s time to switch to vaping to quit smoking. The Switch to Quit Programme – Designed for Success

Smokers know what they are doing is highly dangerous. They are aware that smoking isn’t healthy, either in the short or long term. They know that smoking leads to cancer and numerous other ailments and they know that the toxins they burn are poisoning those around them.

And yet, they carry on.  Why?

If it was as easy as just acknowledging the obvious stuff and deciding to quit, everyone would do it. The truth is, it’s super hard to quit smoking. Not just because of an addiction to Nicotine but because of the rituals that surround smoking, and most significantly, the ‘hit’ they get from smoking is sufficient that they don’t want to give it up, or don’t feel it’s worth it. That’s a hard one to swallow if you’re not a smoker, but for many smokers, they like it and don’t want to stop – even though they know smoking leads to cancer. They know they should, but they don’t want to lose the ‘hit.’

Quitting is really hard, especially when you consider that the smoker probably doesn’t want to give up, they feel they have to give up. Back in the day there were very few options for smokers, it was nicotine patches, cold turkey, and lots of gum, and that was, pretty much, it. The landscape for smokers today is very different.

With government programmes dedicated to helping people quit smoking and more acceptance of how difficult quitting is, there’s an option for everyone. One of the most significant advances in smoking cessation programmes was the evolution of vaping. Today, using an e-cigarette to stop smoking is a well-researched and NHS supported method of quitting.

  • Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.1
  • Vaping allows you to keep up those much-loved smoking rituals (after your first cuppa, at the end of a meal etc) making the transition easier.
  • Vaping allows you to continue inhaling Nicotine so you can control how much you inhale and reduce it if you want to. The important point to note is that Nicotine is not harmful when inhaled, and presents no adverse health issues (other than being addictive).3

The NHS Stop Smoking programme is one of the best in the world, but there is a gap in relation to using vaping as a means to quit smoking. The NHS does not tell you how to vape, where to start and how best to use the device. So, we filled that gap and developed a programme called Switch to Quit.

We cover everything from which device, what technique to use and how best to plan your quitting journey. Our programme is well-researched (based on the same NHS cessation programme) and highly effective including a beginner vape kit that has everything a smoker needs to finally give up smoking.

Switch to Quit systemises the process of quitting. Someone new to vaping won’t have to wonder what works and what doesn’t. They won’t have to unnecessarily spend time understanding the minute details of vaping.

This highly effective programme comes with a beginner’s vape kit and an extensive support system. For new Ibiza Club members, whose first purchase is the Switch to Quit kit, there will be a 20% off discount on everything for 3 months. The programme comes with the right product offering and support that’s known to work. The Switch to Quit pack for £39.99, discounted from £69.99 comes with the following.

  • Beginner’s Vape Kit – E-cigarette or refillable pod device, 6 e-liquids, 1 pack of coils or pods, and a drawstring bag for managing supplies
  • Behavioural support in the form of downloadable PDF on quitting and the preparation it involves
  • A downloadable Craving Journal that uses the power of journal taking for smokers who want to quit
  • Online support that’s always ready to help
  • Membership to a private Facebook group reserved for individuals on the programme
  • Daily email support with tips and advice
  • 20% off all Ibiza Club products for 3 months

Yes, we’ve covered the whole gamut of things you need to quit.

Studies have found that smokers were twice as likely to quit if behavioural support was combined with aids such as vaping.2 The beauty of the programme is that it’s not just limited to a product or a vape kit. It comes with a wholesome support system, that encourages you to stay focused.

It comes with a community of people who know what you are going through. No sanctimonious lecturing, no moral posturing. These are people just like you, who know what it takes.

Smoking leads to cancer and those suffering from it are highly vulnerable to COVID-19. There has never been a more compelling reason, or a better time, to quit smoking. Switch to Quit has everything a smoker needs to make the process easy, successful, and long-lasting.

Let’s get you started on the road to becoming smoke free!



    1. Smoking Habits During Lockdown – a study commissioned by Ibiza Vape Club, conducted by One poll, March 2020.
    2. McNeill, A. et al. Evidence review of e- cigarettes and heated tobacco products 2018. A report commissioned by Public Health England (2018).

Joanne Emmerson FCIM
Head of Marketing, Ibiza Club

Joanne is a fellow of the Royal Chartered Institute of Marketing and has 30+ years marketing experience. She has worked all around the world, is published in 7 countries and teaches marketing communication theory at Post Graduate level both in the UK and USA. She has worked alongside many government bodies, health organisations and national charities.