Old Habits die hard! Vaping makes quitting easier!

Is it true that vaping makes quitting easier?  The answer is YES!!!! Here’s how.

By now we know that smoking isn’t the best thing for our health and longevity. Statistics tell us that half of all life-long smokers will die prematurely, and on average live 10 years shorter than non-smokers. Research shows that smoking was directly responsible for almost 80,000 deaths in the UK in 2017.1 From a health perspective alone, there’s enough reasons to quit the smoking habit.

However, an addiction to smoking comes with something that’s just as hard to give up as the  Nicotine addiction … the smoking habit. That is, daily rituals and social interactions that smokers come to depend upon and enjoy. That’s why Nicotine Replacement Therapy alone is, more often than not, unsuccessful. It’s also why vaping makes quitting easier.

Switch to Vaping to quit smoking

The additional burden of dealing with the loss of smoking rituals is often the reason why smokers fail to quit long-term. That’s where vaping can make a huge difference. Replacing the cigarette with a vape device allows you to keep your daily routine the same. With vaping, you’re also able to control the amount of Nicotine you inhale. In this way, you heavily reduce the harm you’re doing to your body. Research by Public Health England has shown that vaping is 95% less harmful than regular smoking and found that smokers who used an e-cigarette to aid their stop smoking plan were more than twice as successful as those who chose NRT alone.2

The Plan

Changing a habit works the same way as building a habit: it requires effort and time. That’s why it’s recommended that creating a quitting plan is important. You shouldn’t just jump in, get ready to quit before you quit.

Our S2Q programme includes a range of behavioural support materials to help you quit for good. Part of the programme is a downloadable guide to making your quitting plan.

SWITCH TO QUIT GUIDE - vaping makes quitting easier & smoking leads to cancer

One of the most important things do first is identify why you want to quit smoking. Not, why does your family or friends want you to quit, why do YOU want to quit. Defining this, and setting it as your intention will serve as your compass throughout your journey. There will be moments that you struggle to keep up, and having your intentions clear (and documented) makes a huge difference.

Have a try right now. Write down the 3 main reasons you want to quit? Remember, not what you think you should say, but what you actually feel.

As you start down this process you have to acknowledge that it’s going to be tough – even with a vape device. Your body and mind will try to convince you to fall back into your old habit and the desire to give in can be over powering. Asking for the support of family and friends is critical. Let your circle know what you are doing and why, ask for their help to see you through (and not judge you if you slip – that’s a big one).

Quitting is hard, but it isn’t impossible. Vaping makes quitting easier! Make the switch and say goodbye to smoking for good.



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