Fact? Fiction? Hype? Vaping is under the microscope.

It seems like everyday another scary vaping story is in the press. The problem for everyone is sorting out fact from fiction and truth from hype.

The UK industry is highly regulated and as such it’s a very safe environment to vape. That is, as long as vapers aren’t customising their liquids at home, of building their own vaping devices. Many of the stories that have been in the press of late relate to issues being faced in overseas markets – usually in the USA.

The American vaping market is a mess, with little regulation in terms of ingredients and limited regulations for devices. With so little oversight the vaping industry in America is awash with products that have long since been illegal here in the UK. From state to state the ‘regulations’ vary, and the availability of highly dangerous e-liquids makes for scary vaping. Not only are many of the US e-liquids manufactured using products that are illegal here, they are also often 6 times stronger than UK regulations allow.

The big offender in the US seems to be how vitamin E is used to help ‘cut’ (convert the chemicals to a state that can be vaped). Vitamin E is never used as a cutting agent here.

It’s a pretty confusing time for vapers and as such we’re going to address the confusion in 2020 with a programme designed to demystify the vaping industry and help vapers, and people thinking about switching to vaping as a way to quit or cut back.

Watch out for some exciting new programmes from Ibiza Club – we’re here to help make vaping safe and fun for all our members. If you have any immediate concerns or questions, shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you.

Joanne Emmerson FCIM
Head of Marketing, Ibiza Club