Don’t go cold turkey! Switch to Quit!


You’ve made the decision to quit smoking – best decision ever. But slow down, don’t just jump in and go cold turkey. Less than 2% of people successfully quit smoking with this approach.2 There’s so much more to smoking than an addiction to Nicotine. Firstly, let’s get something straight, it isn’t the Nicotine that’s causing you harm. Nicotine is actually harmless when inhaled.1 it’s the burning of tobacco and the resultant toxins that cause the harm. Now, we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get stuck into how to get started.

Success is in the planning. So, plan ahead!

Work out a plan that suits you. Prepare your environment and let those close to you know what you’re about to do. There is a ton of support out there for you. Our Switch to Quit   provides all the guidance you need (with downloadable guides to help you prepare your home and workplace and get ready for cravings) to get started on this journey and it is based around the NHS Stop Smoking Programme. The NHS support this approach and their research proved that you are twice as likely to quit using an e-cigarette with support than just will power alone.2

Figure out your why?

Before you start cleaning out cupboards and letting everyone know what you’re about to do, take some time to reflect on why you want to do it. Be honest with yourself – don’t just write the reasons you think are the right ones. It may be that you’re sick of being ‘judged’ or you don’t want to smell like an ashtray anymore. Don’t feel bad if your reasons to quit don’t live up to what you think others will expect of you. Understanding your why will make it so much easier to stick to the programme.

So, write down 3 reasons you want to quit smoking. Print it out. Put it on the fridge door, on your desk at work, in the car … wherever you mostly smoke (or snack).

It’s not going to be easy.

Thank you Captain Obvious. Of course, it’s going to be tough, but you need to come to terms with the fact that the first week will be REALLY tough. That’s why you need to enlist the support of your family and friends.

Set a date

Give yourself time to get your in place ( Switch to Quit Bundles ) and try vaping so you get used to it. When you’ve got everything in place, set a date! Add it to your calendar, tell everyone you know that’s the day have chosen to quit. You will be amazed how supportive people will be – even your smoker friends.

Cravings are coming!

You will get them so plan for it. Have healthy snacks ready, get up and move around when craving hit. Drink water … you’ll be surprised how often just drinking water will stop the craving. Carry a bottle of water around with you if you’re out and about.

Think about how you’ll deal with tempting situations and what you’ll say if a friend, relative or work colleague invites you to have a cigarette. You could say: “No thanks, I don’t smoke,” or: “Haven’t you heard, I’ve stopped smoking!”


Successfully quitting smoking isn’t just a matter of will power, it’s about planning, engaging support and being ready (mentally and physically) for what will surely be a very challenging process. Our Switch to quit programme will help you get there and keep you on track.

Quit smoking for good, make the switch to vaping today.

  1. Long-term effects of inhaled Nicotine. Waldum HL (et al), study for Department of Medicine, University Hospital, Tronheim, Norway. (1996)
  2. McNeill, A. et al. Evidence review of e- cigarettes and heated tobacco products 2018. A report commissioned by Public Health England (2018).

Joanne Emmerson FCIM
Head of Marketing, Ibiza Club

Joanne is a fellow of the Royal Chartered Institute of Marketing and has 30+ years marketing experience. She has worked all around the world, is published in 7 countries and teaches marketing communication theory at Post Graduate level both in the UK and USA. She has worked alongside many government bodies, health organisations and national charities.